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Get Enterprises Llc

As a new entrepreneur, navigating the ins and outs of getting started isn’t always easy. You have an unlimited to-do list that appears to expand by the second and you possibly have a lot more questions than you can count. Get Enterprises Llc

It’s 18-hour days, complicated legal jargon, and number crunching. Lying awake during the night trying to figure out what you forgot to do that day. Wondering if you filed your taxes correctly. It’s pulling your hair out trying to get (and keep) everything organized.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’re not the only one.

But being a business owner is also the liberty of working for yourself. Bringing your dreams and vision to life. Striving each day to make an impact and illicit change in your community. And rolling out of bed excited to get to work.

Starting a new business IS frightening and complex but filing and forming your LLC does not need to be. There are plenty of LLC formation services to pick from that help make the process very easy.

Inc Authority is one of those companies. With a client listing of 130,000+ entities and thousands of online five-star reviews, they’re a giant in their industry and understand just how to get the job done.

Their “always free” pricing model is distinct in an industry saturated with tiered pricing structures, hidden fees, and impossible-to-read fine print. It’s a breath of fresh air, actually.

Inc Authority, though not one of the largest names in the formation business, has a long and rather impressive track record. They also stand out with superb reviews on sites like Google and Trustpilot.

In this review we will take a good look at Inc Authority and its advantages and disadvantages.


About Inc Authority



Inc Authority is a business formation company based in Reno, Nevada. Boasting a longer performance history than almost any other player in the industry, the company has actually been around since 1989.

For 30+ years, Inc Authority and its family of companies have been assisting entrepreneurs around the nation attain the dream of business ownership. To date, they have formed hundreds of thousands of businesses and are eager to see that number continue to expand.

Inc Authority provides business formation packages. In its most standard, entry-level package, it provides free filing. However the company offers numerous other formation-related services. Some are common, like its business license search, its Operating Agreement drafting service, or its registered agent service (offered through a third party).

Through its partners and third-party providers, Inc Authority also offers some services that are less typically associated with the formation of companies. These include its “credit & funding evaluation,” and comparable services, which are focused on exploring potential lines of credit and finance possibilities (through its partners). Get Enterprises Llc

Inc Authority Pricing


Inc Authority stands out from most of its rivals by offering a variety of its most standard services totally free. This consists of preparing, filing and storing the documents an LLC needs to get off the ground and providing a registered agent for the business’s first year. While Inc Authority provides these basic services totally free, paying appropriate fees to the Secretary of State is still required no matter how one chooses to file.

Inc Authority invites users of its free products to become clients of its paid services, which concentrate on elements of business such as credit funding, and web presence. Inc Authority used to offer LLC formation service packages online at three different price points but the website currently offers just one “Starter Business Package,” a one-size-fits-most selection of both free and “premium” services for $369.95. It seems that the higher-tier bundles are still available, but only by contacting the customer service line.

This updated pricing model mirrors common subscription services with free and premium tiers, in which premium services are much more comprehensive but not entirely different from the free offerings. Paying clients aren’t bound to a broad package deal, however, and can select individual paid services or smaller, more focused package deals to add on à la carte by talking through options with an Inc Authority consultant.


Free Services


Inc Authority will perform the following services free of charge, though some require payment to continue after a set amount of time.

Business name check. A great initial step, Inc Authority’s search feature lets you see what business names are available in your state. Business creators should additionally check the availability of web domain names that could fit or support their prospective business names.

Entity formation documents. Inc Authority will prepare documents such as an LLC’s articles of organization and operating agreement based on details given by the customer. It will then file these documents with the appropriate state offices on the customer’s behalf.

Registered agent service for one year. Most kinds of business, including LLCs, are required to designate a “registered agent” that is located in the state in which the business is filed. This person– or frequently, service– is the business’s official recipient for legal documents and paperwork. It’s possible for an LLC member to be their own registered agent, but there are many benefits to utilizing a registered agent service instead. Inc Authority automatically registers to serve in this role totally free for one year, after which it charges $200 per year to continue. (The service can be canceled before the second year.).

INC CARE. Inc Authority’s customer support for business owners is available free of cost by phone or email.

Delivery and digital storage of LLC start-up documents. Digital duplicates of important documents, including the LLC’s articles of organization and operating agreement, are stored in a client portal for easy accessibility.

Tax planning consultation. Inc Authority offers suggestions on how an LLC can potentially preserve more of its revenue.

Business Credit and Funding Analysis. An Inc Authority professional will take a look at an LLC’s credit and financing needs and share possible options.

S-Election. Inc Authority offers totally free preparation of the S-Election form (Form 2553) and will file it with the internal revenue service if an LLC chooses S-corporation status, an optional tax classification with certain advantages and requirements.


Paid Services



For a charge, Inc Authority offers services in the following areas. Pricing is not advertised on Inc Authority’s site and differs depending upon the details of the business.


Starter Business Bundle. Also referred to as an “Introductory Business Bundle,” this $369.95 services package has become Inc Authority’s flagship paid LLC formation product. Its value break down is presented as a state filing for $50; an operating agreement, ownership certificate and “separation documents” for $300; and shipping and handling fees at $19.95.

Together with these come a host of other services valued between $10 and $200 that Inc Authority includes as “free” perks. These include one year of registered agent service, an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a tax consultation, a website domain, a record book with a custom embossed seal and life time support from a business advisor.

Federal trademark. Inc Authority will help you search trademark and name databases, connect you with a trademark expert to construct your trademark and file your application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Inc Authority also performs “direct-hit monitoring” of your trademark and will notify you of possible violations. Get Enterprises Llc

Business credit. Clients get access to Inc Authority’s “multitiered” credit system, its exclusive credit development software, 90 days of assistance from a business credit coach and a report from the Dun & Bradstreet business credit reporting bureau.

Business funding. Inc Authority’s BizFunding Express program provides consultation access, connections to underwriters, application filing and continued support to business owners looking for working capital. Funding consists of unsecured personal loans, credit cards and credit lines and requires a business meets specific eligibility requirements.

Business plans. Inc Authority will research, write and edit a customizable business plan for any business, complete with analysis and projections. To help with the process of developing a plan, the company provides an one-on-one expert who is available for edits, reviews and various other concerns.

Website and marketing. A website and marketing package deal includes customized website design services, private consultation with the web designer, “complete SEO” (search engine optimization), access to a dedicated marketing specialist, an expertly designed logo and 500 personalized business cards.

Revocable living trust. While it doesn’t necessarily relate to business, Inc Authority will put together a revocable living trust for clients interested in long-term financial planning, providing power of attorney, legal forms and other assistance. This permits a decedent’s assets to avoid the probate process.


Executive and Tycoon Business Bundles


While these are no longer listed on Inc Authority’s website, calling the customer service line reveals there are other bundled deals available that include additional services. The Executive package consists of everything in the Starter package, plus website domain name registration and access to a business license report that lists the required licenses in your state.

The Tycoon bundle consists of everything in the previous two bundles however with some added benefits. You’ll receive Express processing, pushing your documents to the front of the line. You’ll additionally get access to BizCredit Express, a service providing tools to assist you with developing your business credit. It provides 90 days of business credit one-on-one coaching sessions. The service also registers you with the business credit reporting bureau, Dun & Bradstreet, but since a DUNS number is free, you’re mainly paying for convenience.


Other Benefits

Inc Authority’s online client portal makes it fairly simple for returning customers to check in on services and gain access to resources. Customer support resources exist for any type of Inc Authority customer, including free ones. The company also offers handy information on the business formation procedure, legal issues relevant to small businesses and other elements of business ownership on its blog.

An additional advantage to clients is Inc Authority’s partner offers, which provide discounts on services from partnering businesses consisting of Bank of America, ADP and PayPal.


What Is The Fine Print


As with any kind of business that relies on free products to draw in clients, Inc Authority has a strong incentive to push its users toward buying paid service options. This includes information on its website that aims to encourage certain decisions along with the conversations individuals may have with company reps and advisers. While some of the upgrades offered might quite possibly be “worth it” depending upon one’s situation, remember LLC formation can be fairly economical and no paid services are required simply for filing the LLC. One must only submit the filing fees required by the state to become official.

Some services Inc Authority charges for (or includes as a no-extra-charge perk in addition to bundled services) can be finished without charge on one’s own, so in certain cases, a customer is merely paying for the convenience of the company finishing a task. Inc Authority materials may not make this apparent, though. Clients would benefit from doing research on problems of LLC formation on their own to gain clarity regarding what actions are really required for LLC formation, what actions are suggested by professionals and afterwards which of those are best delegated to expert assistance.

Inc Authority does not offer any guarantees. All sales are final, meaning that aside from canceling a recurring subscription to avoid future charges, there are no refunds on its products and services. Because there are no annual contracts, Inc Authority reserves the right to change regular monthly rates as long as it informs customers.

After our team’s thorough review of Inc Authority and its services, This is our unanimous verdict.

Inc Authority’s no-cost offerings remain virtually unequaled by competitors, making it a fantastic option for businesses trying to find the lowest possible startup prices without the need for support. We highly recommend them for starting your business and protecting your assets today.

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Get Enterprises Llc

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