Texas Llc Certificate Of Formation Online


Texas Llc Certificate Of Formation Online

In this review, we’ll cut to the chase and explain what you really need to know about BetterLegal, including:

  • The actual cost of BetterLegal’s LLC formation services
  • Expected turnaround time for formation
  • Customer reviews, BetterLegal’s reliability as well as support services and so much more

Plus, we’ll provide clear explanations of the many other relevant, formation-related services that BetterLegal offers.

Below is a quick summary of our findings. In the next section, you’ll be able to find our more comprehensive review that outlines our findings and explains all you need to know about BetterLegal.

Is BetterLegal the Right Choice for You?

BetterLegal is unique among formation companies in that it offers only a single LLC creation and a single incorporation package. While this package has some excellent add-ons like Operating Agreement or Bylaws drafting has some unnecessary services too.

In general, we were amazed by the user-friendly website of BetterLegal and easy online filing system. The prices of the services offered were easily found, for the most part.

BetterLegal’s rates for recurring services, including registered agent services and annual compliance, were reasonable. Additionally, they offered additional filing add-ons than smaller competitors.

You can visit BetterLegal.com yourself, or to find out more about the factors we used to evaluate BetterLegal’s services, read on!

BetterLegal Quick Overview

Founded in 2017 and located at Austin, Texas, BetterLegal is a relatively small company in the business formation sector.

Like many of its new peer companies, BetterLegal tries to emphasize its effectiveness. On their homepage you’ll see the following statement:

We’re a 21st-century company that makes the process quick simple, affordable and cost-effective – without the unnecessary use of paper or time.

The company does indeed boast impressive turnaround times and an easy-to-use website.

Similar to many other small company formations, however, BetterLegal uses third parties to provide many of its services, like the registered agent program. They also provide a range of services through partner firms such as banks and online accounting firms as well as at least one insurance firm.

Though they focus primarily on business formation services, BetterLegal provides many other services related to starting and running a business. The other services BetterLegal provides are:

  • Operating Agreement and Bylaws drafting
  • A business license and permit search service
  • Services for compliance, which include preparation of annual statements
  • Amendment filings, for example, the ones needed to alter the name of your business location, state in operation or even member information

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BetterLegal Pricing

The pricing structure for BetterLegal’s formation is very straightforward. Unlike their competitors, who tend to have several packages for formation, BetterLegal offers its formation bundle for one flat fee.

BetterLegal’s formation bundle applies to both LLCs and standard corporations (C-corps). In the following section, we’ll discuss the features included. BetterLegal also provides a variety of additional services, either with annual subscriptions or fixed charges that are related to the formation of businesses. We discuss those further down, in the “Services” portion of this review.

BetterLegal’s Formation and Incorporation Package: $299 + state fees

BetterLegal’s sole package for incorporations and forms is comparable to a lot of its rivals’ middle-tier packages. It has more features than a typical bare-bones formation.

For a one-time $299 fee, plus relevant fees for state, here’s what’s included:

Articles of Organization or Incorporation: These documents are the official way to establish your LLC or corporation with the state in which you reside. BetterLegal guarantees same-day filing and a speedy return of documents once your state has approved them.

EIN filing: EINs (Employer Identification Numbers) are utilized by the IRS to keep track of companies. Most companies require an EIN. Luckily, filing for one is easy. The whole process is online, in minutes through an online application on the IRS’s EIN filing website page.

Operating Agreement or Bylaws: They establish guidelines concerning how your company or LLC is to be run. Though not legally required in most states, we consider them crucial to all business owners.

Bank Resolution An official document that outlines who is authorized to open a business account and carry out other banking transactions for a company. The document must be signed if you are planning to establish a bank account for your company.

Websites: BetterLegal will provide you with a domain and build a basic site as well as an “online store with inventory management services.” Business owners can choose that they want to purchase a premium site plan in the future.

Tax Analysis: A basic analysis of your business’ tax position performed by a third-party associate of BetterLegal.

Insurance Evaluation: An evaluation of your business’s potential insurance needs and service offerings provided through a third-party partner that is part of BetterLegal, CHUBB Insurance.

We’ll provide more details on the overall value of this package little further inside the post.

BetterLegal vs Competitors Pricing

Below is a table which compares BetterLegal’s prices for formation with the prices of its primary competitors. Below, you’ll find a table that compares the prices of its main.

The prices listed on this page are not part of BetterLegal’s package pricing. They are standardized to compare with competitors.

We will define Fundamental Formation, Full Form and Full Formation + Website below the table.

Cancellation policy

For more information about the cancellation and refund policies of BetterLegal, you have to dig through a great deal of legal jargon on their Terms of Use Page.

Here’s what BetterLegal states regarding the cancellation of their registered agent service:

To cancel the automatic renewal of your RA Service, you must notify BetterLegal of your intent to cancel by calling our Customer Service Line at (512) 969-2339, emailing us at email@betterlegal.com, or by canceling online through your account portal.

Though not explicitly mentioned, we assume this policy is applicable to other recurring-fee services for example, BetterLegal’s annual compliance service. Texas Llc Certificate Of Formation Online

For other fixed-fee options BetterLegal’s policies are simple: “All purchases through the Website are final and will not be refunded.”


BetterLegal Pros

Below are a few of the areas we believed BetterLegal was particularly strong.

Timely turnaround

BetterLegal provides information about its turnaround time on its main webpage. They offer same-day filing for all their entities which means that your Articles of Organization or Incorporation will be submitted to the state authorities on the same day you send them to BetterLegal.

They also state that they’ll send you your documents within two business days. It’s likely that this doesn’t account for actual state time to process, which could be as long as a few weeks, but it appears that BetterLegal will do everything on their end to get things moving in the quickest manner possible.

A number of reviews support BetterLegal’s claims. Quite a few of the reviews we read like this one, discussed the firm’s speedy turnaround time on formations.

BetterLegal’s same-day filing is available to all their orders. There is no need to pay an extra fee to avail internal priority, which is something that many of BetterLegal’s competitors do charge extra for.

A quick turnaround time is usually one of the most crucial factors for those forming new businesses (the other one being the cost of formation) this is an enormous benefit for BetterLegal.

Excellent reviews

BetterLegal is a tiny company We don’t have as many reviews to base our decisions on as we’d like. However, the reviews we have are quite good.

BetterLegal has an 4.8 from 5 Trustpilot

They also have the score of 4.88 out of 5 with their BBB.

The company is Better Business Bureau accredited as well, and boast An A grade.

Reviewers of BetterLegal appear to have positive things to say across all areas. They praise the firm’s transparency in terms of turnaround times, turnaround time, and prices (even although we ourselves do not think their pricing is particularly attractive).

Limited customer support

Smaller-sized formation companies are more likely to be more agile, efficient, and less expensive than their larger competitors. However, many small formation companies do not have the support staff that bigger players have.

BetterLegal is no different here.

While the BetterLegal website provides the option of online chat, there is no contact information that can be found on their main webpages. To find those pieces of info, you have to dive all the way towards the end of the company’s Privacy page. And, even there, there’s no info on the availability of phone lines or the speed at which emails are responded to.

BetterLegal, it seems – like the majority of their competitors – relies heavily on automation for their customer service.

Ideally, your formation will go through without a hitch, and you’ll never have to reach out to a service rep. However, we do see the lack of service rep availability as a definite downside, though.


BetterLegal Services

Below, we’ll look at some of the primary services related to formation that BetterLegal offers. We’ll discuss the reasons why and when you may require each service, and also include the prices offered by BetterLegal.

LLC Formation and Incorporation

$299 + State fees

BetterLegal can help you fill out and file the key documents for forming your LLC or incorporating your business.

LLCs, also known as Limited Liability Companies, are one of the most sought-after businesses within the United States. More flexible and simpler to manage than conventional corporations (C-corps) LLCs are also able to handle fewer recordkeeping and compliance requirements. They can also confer some significant tax advantages through pass-through taxation.

Corporations face more complicated requirements, however they can provide some structural or tax advantages, depending on the size of your business and the industry you operate in.

If you’re unsure if an LLC or an organization is the right kind of business for you, speak to a small business expert or an experienced accountant.

Both LLCs and corporations are created at the state level, typically through a state’s Secretary of State Office.

Each state has their own regulations and rules regarding the formation of LLCs. Learning about the various processes and laws that apply to you can be a significant time-sink.

Many new business owners hire the services of a formation company, such as BetterLegal to fill out and complete their paperwork on their behalf. For LLCs, this means filing Articles of Organization. For corporations, it is filing Articles of Incorporation.

In their regular training bundle, BetterLegal will file your documentation and send it to state authorities. The process is easy and can be completed entirely online. You’ll be asked a few straightforward questions about your business, e.g., its name as well as its owner(s) as well as member(s) as well as its field of business and address. Texas Llc Certificate Of Formation Online

BetterLegal will also conduct a quick name check to verify that your LLC or company’s name isn’t already taken (which could result in a rejected application).

As we stated at the top of this review, BetterLegal’s $299 formation price does not include fees for filing with the state, which may range anywhere between $40-$500, dependent on the state you are filing.

EIN Filing

In the Formation package

An EIN, or Employer Identification Number, is a type of tax ID that the majority of new companies will require to acquire. The EIN is assigned to the IRS, EINs are legally mandatory for businesses that have employees. They’re also required when you are planning to open an account with a bank for business.

It’s possible to imagine your EIN as sort of being the equivalent of your business’s Social Security Number. Every one is unique and used by the IRS to track your the activities of your business.

The good news is that getting an EIN is an easy procedure. You can apply online, through the IRS’s EIN application page, in just few minutes. Just type in a few pieces of information about your company and you’ll receive an EIN on the spot.

Because filing for an EIN is easy and easy, we suggest against any pay-per-click EIN filer. Unfortunately, while most firms allow you to submit your EIN for an extra fee (or as part of a higher-priced form bundle), BetterLegal automatically includes EIN filing as part of its one and only formation package.

You can opt to remove EIN registration from your basket at checkout but it won’t lower your price at all. We’re not thrilled with the fact that BetterLegal “builds in” the price of EIN filing but doesn’t give the customer a discount when you drop the unnecessary service.

Operating Agreement or Bylaws

Included with form package

The Operating Agreement is one of the most crucial legal documents for any LLC. Operating Agreements outline the basics of the way in which an LLC is to be run. They usually include info like:

  • Who the LLC’s owner(s) or member(s) are as well as how the ownership of an LLC is split between them
  • Who and by whom who will manage the LLC will be controlled
  • How profits are to be distributed
  • What should you do if members or owners leave or passes away
  • …plus other crucial pieces of info

A few states are required to have an Operating Agreement. California, Delaware, Maine, Missouri, and New York legally require that you have an Operating Agreement. Even in these states, you do not have to file the contract with your state. you are just required to keep it handy.

We do recommend that all LLCs, across all states, write the Operating Agreement to keep in their possession.

An Operating Agreement establishes your LLCs liability protections. As liability protections are an important benefit of LLCs It’s not a good idea to ignore these protections.

Operating Agreements can also assist by providing direction during unplanned circumstances. It is unlikely that you enter into business expecting your partner to leave or a dispute over profits to arise – however having a written document in your possession can help you navigate these situations more easily.

If you’re considering incorporating, instead of creating an LLC, then you’ll need Corporate Bylaws in lieu of operating agreements. Corporate Bylaws work much like, and provide similar advantages to operating agreements.

A part of the overall formation package, BetterLegal will help you create a legally-binding Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws.

Banking Resolution

It is included in the form package

A bank resolution is a essential, yet simple document. A banking resolution outlines the member(s) in an LLC have the authority to establish a business bank account as well as participate in various banking-related activities.

Banks require you to submit an official resolution to the bank when you open a business bank account.

As part of their formation package, BetterLegal will create a banking resolution for your company. All you’ll have to submit is the information needed to determine who’s eligible to establish and access a bank account in the name of your LLC.

Website services

Included with form package

BetterLegal is one of a handful of companies that offers a web domain in addition to their formation packages. Unfortunately, details on their offerings are limited.

Their main package page states that you’ll have the ability to “Set up a free website or online store with inventory management.”

There is evidence of upselling too in the following paragraph reads: “As your business grows, transition to a paid plan to unlock more features and customization.”

BetterLegal has a ribbon from GoDaddy on their homepage however, nowhere does the company explicitly state which third-party domain hosting partner is. The name isn’t given when you dig through the terms of service for the company.

We’re all for transparency, so we’re disappointed with BetterLegal this time. In any event, we always recommend going directly to a domain hosting company or a business website builder in the first place.

A lot of businesses are specialists in those categories, so there’s no need to purchase these services through a business formation.

Registered Agent Service

$90 for the calendar year, or $10.00 for each month

All LLCs and corporations must have a registered agent. While it sounds like a fancy term but the function of an agent registered is simple – they receive official correspondence as well as service of process (legal notices, for example, lawsuits) for the benefit of a business.

Registered agents should be accessible during office hours and they must be located in the state where your LLC or business is registered in.

Receiving official correspondence in a timely manner, and being able to respond quickly is vital.

If you don’t respond to a compliance notification from the state or federal government, your business could be in trouble or be assessed penalties or fees, and even be dissolution. If you fail to respond to a court summons and fail to show up for court, your case can be automatically dismissed.Texas Llc Certificate Of Formation Online

The presence of a registered agent, then, is truly vital.

Technically, you can be the company’s registered agent. There are, however, numerous reasons why business owners choose to utilize an registered agent service.

We suggest using the an Registered Agent service in the following situations:

  • You are often traveling and not always at a single address
  • You aren’t a resident within the United States
  • Your business is operating across multiple states.
  • You don’t want your name and address to be publicly made available

Similar to other formation firms, BetterLegal offers a registered agent service. And, like most other small-sized formation companies, BetterLegal contracts this service out to an outside party.

The complete terms of service for BetterLegal can be found here.

If you are able to bypass the transparency issue, BetterLegal’s registered agent service is actually a bargain price. You can pay either the monthly fee of $10 or you can pay $90 per year. That later price is very competitive – plenty of other major companies in the industry charge $150 per year or more.

BetterLegal’s registered agent service is also an add-on – it is not included in their regular formation package. This makes them an outliersince several competitors offer registered agent services in their formation packages, often with the first year of registration for no cost.

Business License Search


Depending on what type of business you run or operate in, the type of industry you’re in, and where you’re based, you may require several or even a number of permits and licenses. These could be required at the local, state or federal levels.

Licenses can be a pain to manage yet they’re necessary. If you’re not in compliance with the law, you could be handed an enormous penalty or have your business temporarily shuttered or completely dissolved.

Figuring out which licenses and permits are applicable to your particular company requires some time and effort. Instead of having to comb through a lot of red tape and legalese yourself, you can hire a firm such as BetterLegal to perform an investigation into your business’s license.

Lots of formation companies offer this service. The form will ask you to provide information on your business and BetterLegal will conduct a thorough search, compiling all the permits and licenses that are relevant to you and providing guidelines on how to fill them out.

Be aware that BetterLegal will not file these for you – it provides the tools and info you need to file them yourself. This can still be a huge time-saver, especially for highly-regulated businesses.

Annual Compliance

$90 per annum or $0 for each month

The majority of states require LLCs and corporations to file an annual report. Usually, these reports aren’t too cumbersome or in-depth. They’re just meant to be a way for states to keep tabs on businesses that operate within their territory.

The deadline for filing your report could be fixed (e.g. every business must file a report in December) or based on your business’s formation date (e.g., if you started your business in August 2021, you’ll submit an initial annual report by August of 2022). Some states only have you file a report at least every 2 years.

Filing your annual report may seem like an unnecessary hassle however it shouldn’t be a snooze. If you do not submit your annual report in time, you may receive an amount of money or lose your status with the government.

A number of formation firms, such as BetterLegal, offer an annual service for compliance. For a monthly or annual cost, BetterLegal will send you reminders about your annual report deadline. Then, once you’ve entered the required information the firm will draft your annual report and mail it off to the state for you.

A majority of states have a modest (under $100) cost for filing annual reports – BetterLegal will accept the fee and send it on to the relevant agency.

Third-Party Offerings

It is included in the form package

BetterLegal also offers a limited selection of third-party services in their formation program.

Business Checking: You’ll be set up with a cost-free minimal online business bank account. You’ll receive debit cards associated to the account. You’ll be able to issue physical checks from your online account.

Tax Analysis: Analyses and guidance from a “leading virtual tax service”. It’s not clear how thorough the analysis is and what kind of questions you’ll be able to ask.

Insurance Evaluation: An evaluation of your company’s specific insurance needs. The insurance services are provided through a BetterLegal Partner, CHUBB Insurance, which is based in New Jersey.

Payroll Benefits, Payroll, and HR Platform: An even more comprehensive service that, unlike other offerings, does not come free in your formation packages. Many different services are covered, all offered by third-party providers.

It’s likely that business owners benefit from these additional services, we’re more likely to avoid “offers” like these. In general, such services offer companies the chance to sell their products to partners.

We recommend going directly to specialists for tax, insurance, payroll and HR needs.

For bank accounts, it’s generally advantageous to choose an institution that you already have an established relationship with. However, if you’re not able to find any bank which fits this description for you, the BetterLegal partner offer could be a tempting one.

Additional Filing Services

Prices differ

BetterLegal also provides a range of filing services for one-time use that are not included with its primary setup package. We’ve identified the ones that we believe will be most relevant to business owners starting out as well as BetterLegal’s fixed cost for each.

Foreign LLC that is domestic: Moves your LLC’s state of residence from one state to another. $299

Reinstate LLC or a corporation: Reinstates an LLC or a corporation that has previously been dissolution or disbanded. $199

Terminate LLC or corporation: Legally dissolves an LLC or corporation for $199.

Get a A Certificate of Good Standing You will receive a document from your company’s home state showing that you have a current status on all your fees and that you are in compliance with the state permit and license regulations, $25

Register foreign LLCs in a new state. Allows an LLC formed by a state in another to legal operate in another state. Also called a “Foreign Qualification,” this procedure typically involves submitting a “Certificate of Authority” – basically, a permit to operate in a certain state. The cost is $199.

Change principal office address: Your business’s address is changed from the one you originally in the Articles of Organization or Incorporation to a new one, $99

Remove or add directors, members as well as shareholders. Officially alters your company’s records to reflect changes in the company’s members, directors, or shareholders, $99

Since BetterLegal does have solid reviews with an easy-to-use website, and a good time-to-turnaround record We’re confident in recommending these services.

Most entrepreneurs who are new to business prefer to file their initial filing and any add-on filing in one location, however we understand that this advice isn’t for everyone.

If you’re looking to find out more about the offerings of the competitors look over some of the numerous reviews available right here!

BetterLegal FAQs

What can BetterLegal do?

BetterLegal’s primary focus is LLC creations as well as incorporations. However, they also provide a variety of options for the creation and running of companies, including business license searches and registration agent services, compliance services, and amendment filing services.

How much does it cost to create an LLC with BetterLegal?

BetterLegal’s LLC formation package is an affordable $299, which includes fees for state registration. This package comprises Articles of Organization and an Operating Agreement but does not provide a registered agent service.

Is BetterLegal legit?

Yes. The company has been in operation since the year 2017 It is Better Business Bureau accredited. BetterLegal also has an A+ BBB rating as well as an outstanding review rating on Trustpilot.

Who do you think BetterLegal best for?

BetterLegal is ideal for those willing to pay a little more for a fast and reliable LLC formation or incorporation.

What are the benefits of using BetterLegal?

BetterLegal offers easy online forms and offers excellent time-to-turnaround. However, the company’s form package is a bit pricey. BetterLegal also outsources several of its services to third-party partner companies.

What states do BetterLegal serve?

BetterLegal covers all 50 states.

Our Conclusion

We recommend BetterLegal to amyone looking for a solid and quick buisness formation service. BetterLegal has a proven lightning fast turnaround, mostly a day or two, and very up front pricing on all services. They are also very well rated on the better business bureau. Texas Llc Certificate Of Formation Online

While some larger competitors may have some services included in packages, such as registered agent etc, all things considered this is a great deal for anyone looking to do a business formation fast and easy.

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